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Or if there is a new baby on the way, and an urgent need to remarry.I have been involved in one case where in such a case, exceptionally, the mandatory period was shortened.¿Quién pronunció por primera vez “Mente sana en cuerpo sano”?¿Quién está detrás de “La Medicina, como la cerveza, mejor cuanto más viejos”?In most cases, however, too much water has passed under the bridge and the obtaining of decree absolute is public recognition that the parties, who are already divorced in body and mind, are now legally divorced.

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Applying for the decree absolute It is a straightforward process to obtain a decree absolute.

Sometimes, however, the Petitioner refuses to apply.

Perhaps emotionally, it seems a step too far, too soon – and the Petitioner, despite having initiated the process, cannot bring him self or herself to take the final step.

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If one party wants the divorce to be finalised but the other does not, and the parties’ finances have not been resolved, may the decree absolute be delayed? The divorce process in England is conducted in three stages: 1. When a divorced person wishes to remarry, a sealed copy of the decree absolute must be produced as evidence the party is legally free to do so.

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