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New contract demands from the carriers include: having rail the employees not only paying more per month towards their monthly insurance premiums, but also increasing the amount that employees pay for medical services.In addition, NCCC is demanding that the unions accept substandard wage increases throughout the contract with no retroactive pay.But organizational necessities – including copying, printing, postage, web hosting, conferences, picket signs, banners, buttons, flyers, and support staff – do not come free.We have the energy, we have the vision and the idealism, and we have bodies. All it takes is for you to donate a small amount each week, each pay period or each month to RWU.This “Pledge of Honor to be a Loyal Union Member” is designed for rail locals around the country to make use of in their efforts to organize the local’s membership prior to any legislation being enacted.

On November 10th, the BMWED responded to the CBG support for the TA, pointing out its flaws, and questioning whether it was a good deal for railroad workers.

Well, RWU has put together a comprehensive listing of all rail union officer salaries and expenses for the last fiscal year from all of the rail unions in the United States. But for convenience sake, we thought we would compile the complete listing and put it all in one nice, neat package for railroad workers to take a look at. Since our founding in 2008, we have managed to pay the bills with the annual dues of our loyal members, sales from our online Store, and the generosity of a handful of member donors.

With all the issues confronting by rank & file railroaders this past year, Railroad Workers United has dramatically increased our level of activity.

Your small but recurring donation will help propel Railroad Workers United to the forefront of the railroad workers' rank & file movement.

1 -- Make a monthly Donation to RWU via Pay Pal, credit/debit card Be sure to check the box that says, "Make This a Monthly Donation". ---- Everyone who enrolls before January 1, 2018 will receive a free 2018 Rail Labor History Calendar and a full color embroidered RWU patch!

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