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One day while sitting bored in class, he sketches a picture of his crush, Miho Azuki, and forgets his notebook in the classroom.The notebook is found by Akito Takagi, who proposes that he and Mashiro become mangaka themselves, with Mashiro using his impressive artistic skills and Takagi writing the plots.The boys’ initial work is favorably received, and Hattori continues to hone their skills.But they soon must make a major decision: Do they continue the personal, quirky stories that might enjoy a cult following, or do they try to create a mainstream battle story which could become a breakout hit.Moritaka Mashiro is a typical teenager: bored with life and unsure about his future.He spends his free time drawing, inspired by his mangaka uncle, who had only a single successful series before his death.It is expected to be a season of 26 episodes following the trend of the first season, however this is all merely fan speculation currently.So there you have it Bakuman fans, the date is set.

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Who would have thought the late Heath Ledger would have pulled off the Joker so well?

So keep your calenders marked if you are interested in some manga-making action.

Bakuman 2 will continue were the first series left off, however it is unknown how far this season will go through the manga source material.

(A 25-episode adaptation aired in Japan last year, and a second season is already in the works.) No plans have been announced to release the anime in the U.

S., but the fourth volume of “Bakuman” will debut on the VIZ Manga App for the i Pad on March 28, ahead of the print edition’s national release on April 5.

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