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If the window below is black, we are not currently webcasting.

Here is a list of scheduled live performance webcasts.

It is the nicest monitor I have used for business in the last 20 years.

After hearing from numerous people how fantastic Logitech's webcams are, I decided to pick up the latest and greatest C930e. For those of us who want to be able to zoom in (or out), as well as adjust white balance or focus, there is an optional software download at Logitech's website that grants you greater control of your device. It runs at a smooth 30 FPS, and its autofocus is wonderful!

For the best viewing experience on mobile, we recommend a high speed wifi connection.

I looked at several options but settled on the VK278Q because it fit my price and performance criteria.It isn't consistent, nor is it that invasive, but I still think it shouldn't be present for a device of this price range.I've noticed after doing some digging online that others seem to have a similar issue, so I'm not sure if it's faulty wiring in a few of the cameras or just the underwhelming quality of this model's built-in mic, period.I am not a gamer, but do extensive Photoshop, Excel spreadsheets, etc. For my purposes this monitor is filling the bill extremely well.The whites are brilliantly white and the blacks are crisp. Excel on one, email and web and miscellaneous on the other.

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