Celiac dating

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While attending parties out of respect for our host, we have resorted to stealthy placing a napkin wrapped, baked from scratch just for us gluten free cookie into our purse for later disposal.

There are the genetics component and the issue of potential infertility that accompanies CD.This seemingly innocuous task actually involves a complex set of components to manage and think about.We find there is little written about the social side of living with celiac disease. How do we tell a friend who continues to make “GF” treats in her non-gluten free (GF) kitchen you cannot eat them due to cross contamination?When that special moment comes, and your new partner is moving in for the kiss!It can kill the moment to have to utter, “um, sorry, but can you brush your teeth first? We have been lucky enough to find that special person who loves us, and our CD is no big deal.

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