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This is where you ask questions like “what work do you do?” or “I lived in Sweden for 2 years.” This part is best done in person but it will most likely start online.This is completely random success and not consistent at all but it does work.You also run the risk of other guys having used the same joke on this girl already.She’s just following your lead with whatever leading comment you wrote in your tagline. Lol” Make a plan of where you are going on your first date.Think of your own tagline and add it to all your profiles. Don’t get caught off guard and opt for something uninteresting because she put you on the spot and you needed to think fast. You got to know what you want and actively go and get it. ” Guy: “Just planning our honeymoon and I want to make sure I get the right wine.” It creates a “you and her” role play, and it has her imagining you two together in the future, and is fun and flirty.You are just looking for a girl who is in the right state of mind when she reads your message.So sending out jokes like this to lots of girls can result is success.

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If it’s overt, she’ll be turned off, but if it’s vaguely suggestive, she’ll get excited in anticipation.This is good overall practice because it sharpens your joke skills.If you are chatting up a girl you know, make jokes about her latest Facebook photos or her comments. Just because you think something is funny doesn’t mean everyone does.Guy: “Oh my god it smells like upsexy in here” Girl: “Whats up sexy?” Guy: “I’m fine, thank you” As cheesy as this is it can work.

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