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"Therefore," Mutzafi continued, "I place the banknote in my pocket with it folded upside down so that I don't even have to look at it for a second." Since Mutzafi is a senior rabbi in Israel's Sephardi community, his ruling, which encourages the shunning of non-Jews, has a direct impact on ultra-Orthodox Jews living in the country.The 50-shekel note was introduced in 2014 and prompted angry reactions from senior religious figures in Israel.As of this writing, authors can’t copyright their titles in America (which is why if you plug certain titles into Amazon, you’ll come up not only with multiple movies but also multiple books of the same title).That said, we don’t recommend using the same title that someone else has previously used.For now I want to point out the rhythmic structure.To urge their service for others, the Philippians are told: “have the same mind in yourselves that was also in Christ Jesus” and then the poem/hymn about Christ begins: FOR THE REST OF THIS POST, log in as a Member.

Moreover, it is frequently called (probably wrongly) a “hymn” (that’s probably wrong because – as I’ve been told by an expert in the field of ancient music, it doesn’t actually scan as music).It makes it more difficult for your book to stand out.If you’re coming up with a title, ask friends and family for help. Sometimes, a new perspective is the best way to hit on just the right title for your book.Legion Lord, hear my voice, my present voice I mean, Not that which may be speaking an hour hence (For I am Legion) in an opposite sense And not by show of hands decide between The multiple factions which my state has seen Or will see. Lewis As The Ruin Falls All this is flashy rhetoric about loving you. I am mercenary and self-seeking through and through: I want God, you, all friends, merely to serve my turn. Lewis Quotes to Encourage You in Life's Great Adventures For this I bless you as the ruin falls.Condescend to the pretense That what speaks now is I; in its defense, Dissolve my parliament and intervene. Oh strain A point—use legal fictions; for if all My quarreling selves must bear an equal voice Farewell, thou hast created me in vain. Peace, re-assurance, pleasure, are the goals I seek, I cannot crawl one inch outside my proper skin: I talk of love—a scholar’s parrot may talk Greek— But, self-imprisoned, always end where I begin. The pains You give me are more precious than all other gains.

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