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Nonetheless, patterns of continuity and change in the social fabric are emphasized.

More than a historiographical synthesis of Ranke and Marx (envisioned by some German historians after the catastrophe of World War I), Wehler's work incorporates Max Weber's concepts of authority, economy, and culture and strives toward a concept of "total history." Volumes 1-2 cover the period from feudalism through the Revolution of 1848.

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Each volume approaches historical processes from a social history perspective, organized under the themes of demographics, economics, and social equality.

His detailed structural analysis of developmental processes supported by a vast body of notes and statistics sometimes obscures the larger context.

Together with Jurgen Kocka, Wehler developed a conception and program of social history that is known under the labels of Gesellschaftsgeschichte, Sozialgeschichte and Geschichte als (kritische) historische Sozialwissenschaft....

He stressed the need for a synthetic history that used social science - quantitative and comparative - methods and theories.

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