Engage in sexual conversation online

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Milano has stated we need to create universal protocols to protect victims in the workplace.

She believes there needs to be a universal code of conduct and a standard protocol across all industries so victims are able to file complaints and be taken seriously without fear of retaliation.

Burke says #Me Too is a "bold declarative statement that 'I'm not ashamed' and 'I'm not alone.' On the other side, it's a statement from survivor to survivor that says 'I see you, I hear you, I understand you and I'm here for you or I get it." Burke has stressed the importance of community action and healing when it comes to stopping sexual violence, but says society needs help understanding what effective community action looks like.

She has stated that this movement has grown to include both men and women of all colors and ages, and supports marginalized people in marginalized communities.Burke believes we need to become more aware of the "gray areas" of consent, and teach people that they have the right to say no to unwanted sexual overtures from any person including a spouse, even if asked multiple times or otherwise pressured.Burke says people tend to think the most about sexual assault from a stranger, but often sexual violence falls into one of the gray areas.She's stated the importance of improving training in workplaces, places of worship, and schools.Burke supports the #Me Too Congress bill, which would remove the requirement that staffers of the federal government go through months of "cooling off" before being allowed to file a complaint against a Congressperson.

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