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As well as all users who helped test releases, report bugs and provide feedback on the project.

Placing the proxy on or near to the actual service will also help reduce latencies in large distributed organizations.

Foreman 1.12 supports Puppet 4 with the latest Puppet Agent and Puppet Server AIO packages, thanks to new features in the Foreman installer and Smart Proxy.

First run the Puppet agent on the Foreman host which will send the first Puppet report to Foreman, automatically creating the host in Foreman’s database.

tab and your Foreman host should be visible in the list with an “O” status.

The installation will require 4GB of memory, see System Requirements for more information.

The Foreman installer uses Puppet to install Foreman.

A Smart-Proxy is located on or near a machine that performs a specific function and helps foreman orchestrate the process of commissioning a new host.

For Puppet 3 users looking to upgrade, the Upgrading from Puppet 3 to 4 page on the wiki contains guidance.

The Puppet Compatibility section of the manual now lists supported versions of Puppet and Puppet Server.

The Foreman installer is a collection of Puppet modules that installs everything required for a full working Foreman setup. RPM and packages) and adds necessary configuration for the complete installation.

Components include the Foreman web UI, Smart Proxy, Passenger, a Puppet master (either Puppet Server or under Passenger), and optionally TFTP, DNS and DHCP servers.

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