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The biggest news when it comes to id Software may be John Carmack's recently announced Tech 5 engine, but let's not forget about Enemy Territory: Quake Wars while musing about impending advances in future game engine technology.

In combination with Splash Damage for the PC version, Z-Axis for the Play Station 3, and Nerve Software for the Xbox 360, id Software is planning on bringing this online shooter out whenever it's done; hopefully this year.

John Dean: It's hard work, but they're solvable problems. I've been making AI mods and stuff ever since Quake 1 came out.

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- Unobtainable achievements: None - Extra equipment required: 1 boosting partner for the MP achievements.

So the bots, they have to be able to help you with the game, help you complete the objectives or heal you if you get killed; they have to be able to protect you; they have to be able to do everything a human player would have to do, and make sure they do it in a way that's fun for you, that you enjoy yourself, that you have a good time while you're playing.

IGN: Will they pilot vehicles and hop in with multiple people in a vehicle?

You'll see bots flying around harassing ground units, harassing vehicles, attacking other air vehicles.

You'll see bots everywhere doing everything, anything you could imagine yourself doing.

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