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She also claimed Trent, who is the son of her husband Joe’s half brother, has copied the key to her home, and that she dresses in her closet for fear that he will enter without warning.However, Katherine said Trent neglected to call 911 when she thought she was suffering a stroke or a seizure, instead believing that he could care for her.“[Trent] makes her pay for everything for him, including airfare and vacations,” Jermaine alleged in his declaration.“He has access to all her computers, bills, documents.My mother has no privacy, personally or in her business affairs.” In prior documents filed on Feb.8, Katherine said she tried to fire her nephew and order him to move out of her guest house, but he has refused.“This request was done on an emergency basis without any notice to Trent.

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CNDF (This can also be used on certain other receivers)PRESS BLUE BUTTON to back up the receiver's software- this will be saved as above but with the file extension . You can also back up other features shown on menus At the same time you should make a note of your LONGITUDE & LATITUDE because you may need to re-enter these.It also includes declarations from various other individuals, none of whom reside in the house on a daily basis.The evidence will show that anybody who is there all the time will attest that he’s never been abusive to Katherine.will cause him to try and cause my further harm.” The declaration continued: “I have been afraid to fire him out of fear of his retaliation, or he has convinced me that he will change and that he cares for me. I don’t want to return to Los Angeles until this restraining order is in place because I know he will try to have contact with me to try to and manipulate my emotions into changing my mind …Trent does not have my best interest in his heart, through he claims he does.” Rale also rejected Jackson’s assessment of her nephew’s character.

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