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To understand why a convergence is preferable we must delve into the origin story of marketing.

Marketing - An Origin Story Marketing began in what you can call the Product Era.

To date, these three externalities have fluctuated in measurable ways. In the past there were gargantuan barriers to entry for marketers.

Only the most lucrative agencies and brands could afford to advertise on popular media channels.

They cannot see them as conquest or gullible moneybags.

They must see consumers as community members, tribes-people, as human beings who crave trust, predictability, transparency, and respect. In this era, your corporate value must resonate at every level infrastructure and emanate outward through your employees, customers, suppliers, stakeholders, neighbors, and your relationship toward the earth.

It's defining characteristic was an emphasis on the intrinsic--to put it charitably--properties of a good or service.

There are four global, ubertrends that contributed to the fundamental shifts ongoing in marketing.

A quintessential example of this is Nike's, "Just Do It." During the Consumer Era, the reigning marketing methodology was a four-step, universally applicable approach.

Use research to determine what the public wants; Offer the good or service; Devise advertising campaigns to entice, entertain, impress or flatter the public; and Carefully choose the media where your campaign will be featured.

Merely projecting an image is akin to falsity; you must genuinely and steadfastly practice what you preach.

Better Late than Never This ascendant paradigm in marketing is completely natural--almost expected.

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