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Since the grasping tracksuit of rival with the palm is most frequently used by judoist, the metacarpal and phalangeal bones that form the palm have been included in the study, excluding the carpal bones.Scanning along the axial axis of the entire hand including the carpal joint was performed by using the following parameters: physical detector collimation, 32 x 0.6 mm; resulting section collimation, 64 x 0.6 mm; section thickness, 0.75 mm (increment, 0.7 mm); gantry rotation time, 330 msec; k Vp, 120; m A, 300; spatial resolution, 512 x 512 pixels with pixel spacing, 0.92 x 0.92 and radiometric resolution MONOCHROME2 which gives 16 bit gray level.

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Semi-automatic segmentation was done by determining the bone boundaries automatically first, then the points which were not correctly positioned on the bone boundaries were edited point by point with a computer mouse by only one and the same operator who was the author of the present study ().The proximal phalanxes of the right and left forefingers (Digitus secundus) had statistically important ratio-related-differences in point of the volume and surface area.The surface area and length of the medial phalanx of the right and left forefingers including the volume of the medial phalanx of the left forefinger were statistically important.After semi-automatic segmentation and manual editing, the tracings of bone surfaces were stacked and overlaid to be reconstructed as the 3D images by the 3D program.All biometrical measurements of the reconstructed images of the bones were automatically calculated by this program to analyze statistically.

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