Kiefer sutherland and annie wersching dating

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As well as celebrating the end of season eight, the party also marked the end of the entire series, which the majority of you are sad to see go.

” () It takes a little bit of the fun out of it, in terms of going to set and seeing what you’re going to wear for the day, but then again, it’s also pretty easy, because once you have your wardrobe fitting at the beginning of the season, you don’t have to keep going back in and fitting new clothes.

() BE: That’s funny, because I was going to ask you something about how it must have been frustrating to see Renee get “put in holding”… BE: …right after a scene where you got to kick some ass. We did enough that we were concerned that there was a red mark being left on his cheek. But it was fun, we got to learn that song, and I got to learn a couple of chords on the guitar, and do all that stuff with James Spader, so it was fun and creepy at the same time.

Now that you’ve told me it’s all shot out of order, you may have been doing those scenes at the exact same time. As far as where you could see the hand hitting the cheek, maybe four [takes] or something. BE: Well, I have blown through all of my questions, which I was not expecting. BE: I lived in Chicago for ten years, so I’m a Cubs fan, but I always loved it when the Cardinals came up because the St. They know their baseball, and they don’t take it too seriously. There are two weekends coming up where the Cubs and Cardinals are at it, so that should be fun.

Among them was Leslie Hope, who played Jack’s first wife Terri Bauer until her apparent death in series one, and Carlos Bernard, who was Jack’s confidant Tony Almeida before seemingly being shot and betrayed by his former partner in the seventh series.

Sutherland was also reunited with Kim Raver, who played Jack’s kidnapped lover Audrey Raines until, at the end of the sixth series, Jack is forced to abadonon his quest to rescue her.

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