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While it's not yet profitable, Patel said he expected to reach that goal in the next 12 months.Hired launched a beta test in Australia in February, with a team of seven across Sydney and Melbourne.

Based in San Francisco, the company is still private and most recently raised million (A million) in a Series C funding round in early 2016.Hired CEO Mehul Patel told that while close to 40,000 job seekers apply to be listed on the platform globally each month, it takes only around 5 to 8 percent."We look at their skill sets, we look at where they worked, we might look at their Git Hub code, we look at their geography, education — a lot of that's algorithmic," Patel said.To find staff, Canva typically uses distribution channels like Linked In, Stack Overflow and its own career page, but personal referrals are often best."Referrals are really appreciated, but Hired puts us in touch with top talent that is outside our network," he added.

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