Radgridview rowvalidating Hiddensex camera

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In that case, you should use the Child Rows collection instead.

I bind an Observable Collection of the type Item to the telerik Grid View.

The validation events are meant to support the data validation of the user input.

Row Validating -= rad Grid View1_Row Validating;Grid View1. Row Validating = rad Grid View1_Row Validating;Grid View1.

Selection Changed -= rad Grid View1_Selection Changed;// Export Export To Excel ML excel MLExporter = new Export To Excel ML(Grid View1);excel MLExporter.

Hello, Im using telerik 2010.2.10.713 version library, i want on my radgridview to validate the filled fields by the user at the end of editing the row, i have as selection mode the fullrow select, for that purpose i used row validating event wich i used on datagridview but this didnt work on radgrid view, im trying: Hi Alberto, I am not able to assist you efficiently by following the supplied information. If these guidelines do not help you resolve the issue, I would kindly ask you to share with us a sample code snippet which demonstrates how you initialize and use Rad Grid View.

I assume that the issue is caused by the fact that you are using Row Index in cooperation with the Rows collection when the Rad Grid View is filtered, sorted or grouped.

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