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But some now point to capitalism as being the cause of hunger, obesity, land-grabbing, global warming and environmental pollution. Show #1130: California's Green Gold Rush IV: Consequences - (40.16 MB) Listen Now Guest: Fred Krissman, Research Associate, Humboldt Institute for Interdisciplinary Marijuana Research, Emerald Triangle Subject: Show #1129: Monsanto's Settling of Science - (15.74 MB) Listen Now Guest: Carey Gillam, Author, White Wash: The Story of a Weed Killer, Cancer and the Corruption of Science Subject: Topics include how Monsanto settled the science on the safety of its weed-killer glyphosate; why some dispute the settling of that science; and whether consumers should believe that the science of glyphosate has been settled.

What will happen if China drives our farmers out of business? (available for download soon)Guest: Eric Holt Gimenez, author of A Foodies Guide to Capitalism, Executive Director of Food First Subject: Capitalism is how we feed ourselves. Topics include a look at how capitalism drives our global food system; why he suggests capitalism is feeding us so much trouble; and what alternatives might exist to power agriculture. Show #1131: Chewing Our Way to Today - (5.22 MB) Listen Now Subject: Topics include a look at the conditions that gave rise to hominid teeth; how those teeth enabled hominids to become humans adapted to the variability of the world; and how that evolution is speeding up into modern times.

Show #1112: Getting Down to Cannabusiness - (14.84 MB) Listen Now Guests: Les Isralow, Cannabis Media Producer; Steve Leavy, Med Men Kayvan Khalatbari, Cannabis Entrepreneur & Politician & Steve Goldner, e Subject: Topics include how cannabis business money works; what pharmaceutical uses are emerging; and how cannabusiness and politics mix.

Show #1111: US Army Attacks US Farmer - (10.26 MB) Listen Now Guest: Anthony Francois, Senior Attorney, Pacific Legal Foundation Subject: Topics include why Farmer John was fined .8 million for plowing his field; what kinds of rules, and rule-makers, govern how farmers may farm; and whether farmers can grow our food under such diligent government oversight.

So you want to learn how to list on Craigslist huh? Take your time and look over at the categories carefully so you post in the right place. I’ve been selling items on cragislist for a very long time and have never had any problems.

Pick the one that corresponds to what you’re selling. Now you’re taken to the classified ad form: Next step is to read and accept the Craigslist terms of use, which is VERY long and complicated. If not, I wouldn’t worry about it, I haven’t either.

Show #1100: Food Fights & Culture Wars - (14.69 MB) Listen Now Guest: Tom Nealon, Author, Food Fights & Culture Wars Subject: Topics include how an antiquarian book bookstore owner became an expert medieval chef; how food trends of the past moved civilizations to war and peace; and what those trends might portend for our future with food. Show #1098: Pesticides & the Future of Food - (15.03 MB) Listen Now Guests: Audience Open Microphone Subject: Many of those who grow our food say we must use pesticides to feed the future. Show #1097: Pesticides & The Right to Food - (14.54 MB) Listen Now Guest: International Law Professor and UN Special Rapportour Hilal Elver Subject: Two recent items of news: A claim that strawberries are the food most contaminated with pesticide residues, and a denial of the claim we must use pesticides to feed the world. Show #1096: POLLINATORS OR PESTICIDES - (14.66 MB) Listen Now Guests: Madeleine Carnemark, Pollinator Program and Policy Coordinator at the Center for Food Safety & University of California Student of Envioronmental Studies Olivia Duncan Subject: Bees pollinate plants that produce about one-third of the food we eat, and yet we use pesticides that are said to kill bees to grow those same plants. All of us living things love to eat, but hate being eaten.

Show #1126: California's Green-Gold Rush: Part I The Rules - (10 MB) Listen Now Guests: Loretta Moreno, Santa Cruz County Cannabis Licensing, Maximillian Mikalonis, Legislative Advocate, K Street Consulting, and Dave Potter, former Supervisor, Monterey County Subject: Show #1125: Local Liquor - (5.01 MB) Listen Now Guest: Sean Venus, Owner & Distiller, Venus Spirits Subject: The liquor industry, like most all industries, is growing in opposite directions: very big and very small. - (40.95 MB) Listen Now Guests: Bryan Mussard, President of the Montana Stockgrowers Association, and Bill Bullard, CEO of R-Calf USASubject: Topics include a look at the competitive position of American beef in a market of open borders; why China is buying Montana beef, when it can buy beef for less elsewhere; and to whom will the good beef go in the future.And so we ask: Where is the money in the legalization of cannabis?Show #1101: Wolves to the Heal - (10.01 MB) Listen Now Guests: Marc Cooke, President of Wolves of the Rockies Subject: Topics include how Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) is spreading throughout the West; why wolves might prove to be the best way to control the spread of CWD; and whether wolves should be freed to eat the weak.Show #1100: Food Fights & Culture Wars - (14.69 MB) Listen Now Guest: Tom Nealon, Author, Food Fights & Culture Wars Subject: Topics include how an antiquarian book bookstore owner became an expert medieval chef; how food trends of the past moved civilizations to war and peace; and what those trends might portend for our future with food. Topics include the number and extent of pesticide stories that populate current news; what that news portends for the ability to use pesticides; and whether we can, or cannot, feed the future without using pesticides. Topics include the extent to which food has become contaminated with pesticides; the claim we must use those pesticides to feed the world; and speculation as to whether we can feed future populations without pesticides. Topics include the extent to which bees are responsible for the food we eat; speculation as to why their colonies are collapsing throughout the nation, and what measures are being taken to protect the pollinators. - (14.69 MB) Listen Now Guest Professor Andy Dyer, University of South Carolina and author of Chasing the Red Queen: Subject: Eat or be eaten!

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