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These 21 sequences were submitted to Gen Bank under accession numbers KU942355-KU942375.Phylogenetic tree of the partial Spike protein gene (around 600 bp) was constructed using MEGA 6 with bootstrap method and Kimura 2-parameter model.Locations included quarantines, markets, abattoirs, free-roaming herds and farmed breeding herds.

Partial Spike protein gene sequences for genotyping were also obtained for 21 viruses (1 from a local camel and 20 from imported camels) from nasal swabs as per a previously published protocol.

Camels were classified as juvenile when under two years of age around when they are weaned off mother’s milk.

Nasal and rectal swabs, urine and milk samples were tested for the presence of MERS-Co V while milk and serum samples were tested for the presence of MERS antibodies.

Our results support the hypothesis that camels are a reservoir for MERS-Co V and that camel trade is an important route of introducing the virus into importing countries.

Findings related to waning antibodies and re-infection have implications for camel vaccine development, disease management and zoonotic threat.

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