Speed dating events salt lake city

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I jumped in my car and drove to an area in the Salt Lake Valley called Union Park, where many mortgage companies were located.

The first company I walked into was First City Financial, a national mortgage company based out of Colorado.

Realizing that I was not following the direction that I had pre-set as a child, I decided it was time to get back to my original dream.

So in December of 1996, I left the construction industry.

As you read the descriptions of each team member it is important to know that I personally wrote each one.

I try to explain from my perspective their gifts, history, or the value they bring to the team.

A piece of our vision explains it best: As a team, we have each other’s backs and protect the feelings, heart and soul of each member. We are truly a tribe with common beliefs, values, and purpose, who stand together in good times and in bad.

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As many small business owners can attest, there are times when running a business is absolutely terrifying, and other times when it is like standing on a cliff in a windstorm without a parachute.I had a dream that someday I would be a part of the financial world as well.Working in all aspects of the construction industry through college, I eventually became a general contractor.A couple hours later, I received a call from the manager, Jim Lyman.He graciously met with me that afternoon and gave me an introduction to how the mortgage business worked, and ultimately offered me a job.

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