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By Joy Baker It’s hard to talk about beginnings without first talking about endings.

So, off I went again on my familiar, well-traveled road, until one day, I passed that narrow, tangled path again. I went a little further along on this one and picked up some new skills, but again, the trail was a dead end. ” he said, darting ahead down the dark and scary trail. But, with one last burst through the dark and tangled overgrowth… And while I had always imagined there would be much joy and happiness when we finally got to the end of this trail, in reality, that wasn’t the case at all. But, I know there’s another pesky beginning waiting off in the distance. My son Jordan has also tried to convince me that sleeping in a hammock tied between two trees is much more comfortable than sleeping in a tent.

We walked along together for a while until the path started to get a little dark and scary. I followed Jacob into the darkness, and just like he had promised, we met others along the way who helped light the path.

He introduced himself to me and shared some of his story.

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“The nature of this work,” Leary writes in her prologue, “is such that each group first must see to their own healing, because no group can do another’s work.” What kind of reaction have you received to your book?

Leary adapts our understanding of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to propose that African Americans today suffer from a particular kind of intergenerational trauma: Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome (PTSS).

The systematic dehumanization of African slaves was the initial trauma, explains Leary, and generations of their descendents have borne the scars.

Thanks to everyone who has sent such kind messages or inquired how I was doing. I headed back and there was Jacob again, smiling from ear to ear in his bright yellow sweater. My question to him was, how does a bear know the difference between food hanging from a tree and a human hanging from a tree? And so, you can see I am still all sorts of confused when it comes to a potential bear encounter.

The truth is, I’ve been “thinking Jacob” for so long, it’s been hard to know what to write next… I think I will just stop asking for advice and assume that the rest of the Trekkers have a far better handle on this subject than me. Join me in my journey as I embrace the curious life.

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