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But bachata can be danced to different timings as well if it’s danced to one particular instrument instead.The tab or ‘pop’ is done in the opposite direction of the last step, while the next step is taken on the same direction as the tap or pop.Bachata is a dance, done by a person with another, to express the feelings one has for a specific other.

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The typical bachata group consists of seven instruments: Requinto (lead guitar), Segunda (rhythm guitar), electric guitar, guitar, bass guitar, bongos and güira. Bachata is a style of dance that originated in the Dominican Republic.It is danced widely all over the world but not identically.Hand and arm communication is better conveyed when most of the movement is performed by the lower body (from waist down); i.e. Bachata is commonly known by many as a very sensual dance.To most it may seem that way, however, that is not what it is intended to be taken as.

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